Why I started La Nay Ferme, reason #5

Why I started La Nay Ferme, reason #5

Six years ago I decided that I was going to become a producer. I had read that 72% of Americans were consumers only. Being a producer or consumer was never a part of my thought process, but this statistic made me think that it would be wise to become a producer. At the time I was not exactly sure what I was going to produce, but free market economics helped with my decision.

The over stated but misunderstood theory of supply and demand drove my “what to produce” decision. Without going into my entire economic thought process, let me give you a few of my key thoughts:

  • The worlds population is approaching 7 billion.
  • I know many people that are lawyers and dentists, but not a single farmer.
  • The average age of the American farmer is 57.

There is going to be a food problem sometime, and I have a hunch that I may be employing lawyers and dentists in the near future.

It’s safe for me now to say that I am a producer as well as a consumer. Becoming a producer rather than just a consumer is definitely another reason why I started La Nay Ferme.

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