Why I started La Nay Ferme, reason #4

Why I started La Nay Ferme, reason #4

I have become so sensitive to the taste of real food that I can no longer eat processed foods. This is not hyperbole! I am serious. Weekend trips to Park City with friends means I plan ahead and bring my own food. It also means that I don’t eat with friends celebrating their birthday at Cheesecake factory.

Last summer when I went to Baltimore to see my favorite baseball team play, I showed up to the stadium extremely hungry. I planned poorly and was at the game with no choices to eat real food. My only options were a pretzel or buttered popcorn. I chose poorly. I picked the pretzel.

I took two bites and could not eat anymore. I was astonished by its taste: terrible. It was not food. I was positive. I decided to stay hungry until our dinner after the game.

Shortly after this experience I realized that my food storage is all processed foods and freeze dry packs. I became really worried about what would happen to me if I actually had to eat that food. The fear of eating processed food storage is another reason for starting La Nay Ferme.

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