Why I started La Nay Ferme, reason #3

Why I started La Nay Ferme, reason #3

In a previous post, I mentioned that I do not eat at chain restaurants. I am serious about this statement. When my friends went to Cheesecake Factory last week, I went to dinner by myself at a new restaurant on Center street called Sora. I had a great time. I made a new friend: the owner. I wonder if my friends met the owner of Cheesecake Factory.

Utah is like many other States; commercialized eateries are everywhere. They are everywhere because most Utah residents love these restaurants. Sometimes I wonder why? The food at these eateries are not that good. I think those with taste buds that taste only sugar and salt would disagree.

I love eating at a restaurant where I can actually get to know the owner. Every time someone eats at Pantrucas, the owners are making you your meal. If you come often enough, they will probably start treating you like family.

When Mountain West Burrito exploded on the eatery scene, so many of our neighbors connected with the quality food being served. They also connected with Joe. He was the face of this counter-top-service eatery and people loved being able to say how much they liked him.

One of my hopes is to promote the restaurants in Utah County I love. The restaurants that I am promoting, partnering with and hoping to bring some awareness to are Pantrucas, Sora, Spark, Communal, Guru’s and Pizzeria 712.

I also plan on providing some of these local unique restaurants some high quality local produce.

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