What are the Benefits of CSA Membership?

What are the Benefits of CSA Membership?


There are many benefits to becoming a CSA Member. Here are some of the top reasons to join the farm:

Freshness and Fully Ripened Produce
We harvest CSA Shares the morning of pickups. This ensures that members enjoy the freshest product possible. In comparison, the majority of grocery-store produce is grown out of state or out of country. This forces growers to harvest their produce prior to ripeness. The product then ripens on the truck or plane, usually with the assistance of chemicals, and is then placed on the store shelves where it can await purchase for numerous days.

Our local farm produce is harvested when it is fully ripened and picked up by customers within hours of harvest.

Unique Heirloom Varieties
All of the seeds used at the farm are carefully selected from trusted sources who care for the earth and maintain high standards for seed production. We are continually fine-tuning the crops we grow and determining which varieties do best in our climate and soil. Members love the unique heirloom varieties we produce and enjoy the taste and beauty of purple carrots, white tomatoes, candy-stripe beets and many more unique vegetables only found at local farms.

Healthy, Mineral-Rich Soil
Healthy plants start with healthy soil. We play close attention to our soil’s nutrition levels and use the following practices to ensure the most mineral-rich soil as possible: green manures, cover-crops, compost and crop rotation.

Natural Produce, No Harsh Chemicals or Fertilizers
With quality seeds and healthy soil our plants stay strong and are able to fight most pests on their own. We strive to create an environment where beneficial insects can thrive to maintain a healthy ecosystem at the farm. When pests are an issue we use organic, natural and traditional methods to get things back in balance.

Nearly Year Round Harvests 
The farm started out with one high-tunnel and has grown to now 42 high-tunnels all 75 feet long. This provides us with thousands of feet of indoor growing space. Our high-tunnels are unheated and uncooled. Through the simple use of plastics, row-covers and shade-clothes we maintain favorable growing temperatures for produce nearly all year. We typically stop-production in December or January and resume pick-ups the end of February or beginning of March.

We strive to provide the most nutritious, flavorful, unique, natural and quality product around. Become a member today and enjoy the upcoming bountiful harvests of your local farm.