Top Reasons Why Your Dog Sneeze and How to Treat It

As we all know, dogs sneeze and they can be pretty annoying. When your dog sneezes and you’re near them, you should try to take a step or two back to avoid contact with their nose. You should also make sure that they don’t inhale any saliva as this can cause pneumonia.

Many reasons why your dog sneezes:

1) Its sniffing the air as it’s investigating an area for something interesting

2) It just wants your attention

3) It’s trying to tell you that it needs a drink of water or food

4) It has respiratory infection

5) It’s allergic to something in the environment

6) Its heart is giving it trouble and it needs treatment

What is a Sneezing Attack and What Causes it?

A sneezing attack is an involuntary reflex that releases air from the lungs. It happens when the mucous membrane inside our nose is irritated by something like pollen, allergens, or cold air.

Once your body senses that there’s something triggering sneezing, the muscles in your throat will tighten and create pressure in order to force breathe quickly through your nose. This pressure can build up until it triggers a powerful forceful sneeze.

A dogโ€™s sneeze is different than a personโ€™s one because they donโ€™t have human-like sinuses. Instead of having one big chamber that runs down to the back of their throat, dogs have three small ones that are close to their noses and close enough to each other so that they don’t block each other.

The Science of Sneezing

In this section, we will discover the science behind a sneeze. We will learn why a dog might sneeze and some of the ways to help ease the symptoms of your sick pet.

In humans, a single sneeze can release as many as 50 litres of air from your lungs. A typical sneeze is made up of between 20-30 bursts which last as long as 2 seconds. Each burst can be followed by a “rest” period, where you’ll hold your mouth closed and breathe out again slowly. It’s pretty impressive for someone who is just breathing in and out without any effort! A typical person will have around 10-20 sneezes a day on average.

Top Ways to Treat a Sneezing Attack

There are many ways people can prevent their pets from sneezing. One of the most common is to treat them with liquid or sprays containing honey which helps to soothe the itchy throat.

Some people also use home remedies for animals with allergies. For example, you can mix baking soda with water and give it to your pet as a way of treating an allergy attack. You can also use vinegar, apple cider vinegar or lemon juice in water which helps remove mucous membranes and minimize the effects of allergies in your pet’s mouth and respiratory system.

Since there are so many home remedies for sneezing attacks, it is important that you know what works best for your pet’s needs.

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