The Realities of Farming

The Realities of Farming


Farming is a wonderful way to connect with the earth and understand the delicate balances that create healthy environments. It also brings a high awareness of weather patterns and the power of mother nature.

Over the last two weeks, as the weather has begun to warm, we’ve been removing the plastics from some of our greens tunnels. Otherwise, they get too warm in the tunnels for spring greens. Unfortunately, one day after removing multiple plastics a strong hail and wind storm blew through the farm and caused damage to a lot of our greens, including: arugula, spinach and chard.

This week we’ve decided to take a break from CSA shares. We are determined to provide only the highest quality product. We also strive to keep our plants healthy and strong. Taking a week off will allow the plants time to recover and gain strength.

With the challenges of farming also come the successes. The warm spring weather is bringing lots of healthy growth at the farm. We’re happy to see our tomatoes thriving and early spring potatoes already developing.

Enjoy your week and we’ll look forward to providing only the highest quality farm produce again next week!