The Organic Fallacy

The Organic Fallacy

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The most common fallacy regarding Organic food is that it is not sprayed with pesticides. There are a variety of chemical sprays that are approved in the Organic standard. Rotenone is among the approved Organic sprays. Research has discovered Rotenone to be highly dangerous. A label does not necessarily ensure safer food. What ensures safer food are safe farming practices.

What we are finding at La Nay Ferme is that plants do not need to be sprayed with any substance if the soil is healthy. When we do have bugs on our plants we realize that the soil is weak. Our process is to pull out the infested plants and rebuild the health of the soil before replanting a new plant family. With this simple process we believe we are strengthen our soil and growing safe food for our patrons.

What we believe will make food safer to eat is building farms based on sustainable farming practices, not a label.

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