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Why I started La Nay Ferme, reason #1

Since starting the farm last July, the most common question I am asked is why I started La Nay Ferme. It is a very difficult question to answer in a quick sound bite or fleeting conversation so I believe it is appropriate to answer this question with more detail and after more in-depth thought. Let me begin with reason #1.

I love food! And when I say food, I mean real food that is fresh and nutritious. Real food is cut from a plant and plucked from a tree, bush or vine. Real food is prepared, not processed. Real food is also grown with care.

Eating real food is nice but if it’s not fresh, the taste suffers. The sooner real food is eaten after it has been harvested, the better it tastes. From personal experience, I have found that taste is correlated with both fresh and nutritious foods. Somehow fresh has been redefined. Today “fresh food” is grossly over used and merely a platitude. To me, fresh means it is on my plate and ready to eat soon after it was harvested.

Nutritious food is a critical part in the process of enjoying food, but I won’t share my thoughts on nutrition with you now.

Real, fresh and nutritious food is hard to find in our pretty Utah valley, but I now know where I can get a fresh fruit or vegetable salad that is highly nutritious and grown with care. Having a farm solves my problem of living in our over processed culture.