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Why I started La Nay Ferme, reason #2

I thoroughly enjoy unique eateries and will not eat at chain restaurants. A town or city with authentic restaurants and mom-and-pop eateries contributes to the local culture. Commercial restaurants help in creating a cookie cutter culture that permeates across the United States. It’s hard to see a difference in a town you visit when its businesses are just like the ones where you live.

Unique culture is something Utah Valley severely lacks. Since there is no other farm in Provo that is growing year-round seasonal food and selling directly to locals, I believe La Nay Ferme brings something truly unique to this town. This farm will focus on creating its own culture which will be quality, beauty and service.

It would be a mighty task to change the culture of Utah Valley. Changing Utah Valley culture is not my goal. Rather, it is my hope that La Nay Ferme can help in adding culture to this town. So, another reason for starting La Nay Ferme is to bring something I love to this town, culture.