Quality Produce

Quality Produce

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One common remark we hear is that our produce is expensive. We ask, compared to what? Can our produce be equally compared to what can be purchased at a grocery store? We have written many times how the Global Food System produces food that lacks quality, nutrients and taste. This is cheap food. It’s cheap because it lacks what would make it valuable. Thus comparing our produce to grocery store food is not an equal comparison.

We do not grow cheap food. We grow quality produce. And to grow quality produce our farm invests valuable time towards safe and sustainable practices. We do not poison our patrons food with dangerous inputs. We increase the organic content of the soil that produces healthier food.

We believe that the price of our food is a function of our commitment to producing a quality product. All of the practices of our farm leads to a more quality product. And a more quality product costs more than one that is cheap.

Join our CSA and enjoy quality produce.