Quality as a Culture

Quality as a Culture

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Culture is a part of all of our lives whether we realize it or not. We have family, religious and even our national cultures that influence our interests and choices. One part of our culture that we would hope to persuade people to change is the “cheap” culture. We believe our “cheap” culture is affecting our lives in a negative way.

In so many instances we reflexively ask if something is “cheap” but rarely is there an emphasis on quality. Why do we care more if something is cheap rather than quality? Has anyone ever considered that the culture of cheap is dragging us down and costing us more over time?

We are hoping to convince people to shift their individual choices towards something quality. And perhaps we can start by accepting and buying quality produce. By increasing quality vegetables in our diet, we would actually be paying less for sick care. This is one way that the culture of quality would improve our lives.

We invite everyone to help build a culture of quality and no longer support the cheap culture movement.