4 Ways to Purchase Directly from Our Farm

Week 23 full share

Share pickup

Our full and half shares members enjoy bags full of fresh in-season produce. The full or half share are the perfect portion for individuals or families. Enjoy weekly seasonal produce that is harvested the day of your pick-up.

Join our CSA as a full or half share member.

Week 22 full share

Share delivery

We will deliver your share to your home each week at no extra charge. Keep at minimum a 16 quart cooler clearly visible on your property. We will drop-off your share into your cooler. Currently we only deliver to Provo and Orem residences.

Join our CSA and have your share delivered weekly.

Week 19 full share

1 week share

Our 1 week share gives you the option to purchase either a full or half share. We will harvest your share and have it ready for you to pick-up at the farm the day of your choice. Enjoy Utah’s freshest produce at your convenience.

Purchase a 1 week share.

Farm market

Our farm market offers seasonal produce that is harvested the day of your pick-up. Ordering exactly what you want and for pick-up when you want. This is the best way to enjoy truly fresh and high quality integrity food in Utah.

Our farm market is open Monday – Friday.