English Podcast you should know is a podcast hosted by Dillon and Clare for anyone who wants to learn about the history, culture, and language of England.

English Podcast you should know is an entertaining podcast that explores the world of English. The show has a range of guests from history to literature, from music to sports. The hosts are Dillon and Clare who have a great sense of humor that often makes learning about English fun.

On the surface, this may just be an entertaining podcast but there’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to this program about English.

What is History of English Podcast?

This is a podcast that covers topics in history of the English language. It will focus on the fascinating stories and anecdotes about people, places, and events that influenced the course of English language.

More About History of English Podcast:

The History of English Podcast is not just a history podcast, it’s also a podcast about how to learn English! The show offers listeners a chance to learn with us–a chance to listen to us speak with native speakers from all over the world. They’ll hear some familiar words and phrases sprinkled throughout conversations as we explore different aspects of our shared history.

When History of English Podcast Release?

The History of English Podcast is a podcast that releases biweekly on Thursdays. It is hosted by three guys who specialize in writing and researching English history, so it’s not surprising they release a podcast on the topic.

When did they start The History of English Podcast?

The History of English Podcast was created by the Three Guys That Write in 2015. They hosted their first episode on September 2nd, 2015. After that, they released an episode every Thursday until October 4th, 2016 when they went on hiatus. They came back to the airwaves in 2017 with their new episodes that started on January 3rd and have been releasing biweekly since then.

Where Can I Hear the History of English Podcast

The History of English Podcast is a podcast that explores the history of English in all its forms. It focuses on languages, dialects, and accents of England and the United States.

“The History of English Podcast” discusses topics such as linguistic changes in the past, what these changes may have meant to people’s lives, how they were viewed by both scholars and laypeople alike, and the cultural or social impact these changes may have had.

Is the History of English Podcast Interesting?

There are many interesting episodes on History of English Podcast. The show is a part of the Radio Public podcast. It covers how language has developed in the United Kingdom over time.

The podcast features some fascinating interviews, including those with professors, linguists and historians – to learn more about the history of English.

Who Founded the History of English Podcast?

In this podcast episode, we talk about who founded the history of English podcast. The answer is not a simple one, and it starts with a long story involving competing claims.

Thomas Nashe is often given the credit, but there are many other people who could claim that they were the first to start an English language podcast.