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Safe to Eat Produce

Cucumbers and squash
Cucumbers and squash

What type of produce do you wish to feed your family? Are you searching for produce that is nutritious and safe to eat? Are you looking for the following characteristics in the produce you want to eat?

High quality
Highly nutritious
Clean from toxic sprays
Grown with non-GMO certified seeds
Harvested the day you pick-up from our farm

If you these are your expectations in the produce you eat, than our farm is a good fit for your family. Our farm is committed to growing high quality, highly nutritious, clean from toxic sprays, plants grown with non-GMO seeds and same day harvested food. We are passionate about providing the best possible produce. We can ensure that we do this for our CSA members and patrons because we follow safe farming practices.

We invite you to support your local agricultural system by purchasing produce from La Nay Ferme. We are dedicated to growing safe to eat produce.

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Farm Location

La Nay Ferme is located in Provo, UT near the mouth of Provo Canyon. Our address isĀ 4800 East Lawn Drive.

We share an access road with East Lawn Memorial Hills, look for their large sign when coming to the farm and use the map below as a reference.

Map to La Nay Ferme