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We Use Certified Non-GMO Seeds


At La Nay Ferme, we are very serious about growing produce that is safe to eat and clean from toxic sprays. We are focused on improving the life and health of our soil so that our patrons can receive the highest quality produce we can possible produce.

We have been buying our seeds from High Mowing Organic Seed company (HWOS) since opening our farm. HWOS is the only non-GMO certified seed company that we have found and have been apart of The Safe Seed Pledge since 1999. We buy 99% of our seeds from HWOS. Only when they are out of stock when we need a certain seed will we purchase from another trusted seed company.

We invite you to join our CSA and support our small CSA farm in Utah County, Provo.

Building a Biodynamic Farm


Creating extremely healthy soil is La Nay Ferme’s top priority. In biodynamic language farmers and experts refer to healthy soil as living soil. The idea is to create a balanced and fertile ecosystem of life. By following the very basic principles of biodynamics, farmers easily improve soil which enhances the nutrition, quality and flavor of the produce they grow.

It is not very complicated or difficult to create living soil. Our farm started out as sandy as a beach but has become more healthy and productive each year. This is happening because we focus on improving the health of our soil by following the biodynamic principles. We always give more back to the soil than what we take. This and other processes are creating living soil along with an ecosystem that heals itself naturally.

We invite you to join our CSA and enjoy our healthy, safe produce each week.

Beyond Organic

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Having written previous posts regarding the subject Organic, we hope its clear that the standard has lost its purity. It has become acquainted with too many substances that make it less than safe. The origins of Organic were most likely pure and we applaud those that started the movement for safe food. Unfortunately, Organic is becoming more of a overpriced label rather than a benchmark for safe food.

We are focused on sound sustainable principles which will ensure our produce is safe. While staying focused on safe farming practices, we are very close to becoming a biodynamic farm. A Biodynamic farm produces safe food but the term is not in the mainstream vernacular.

Support a farm that is open about its farming practices by purchasing produce from our Farm Market.

The Organic Fallacy

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The most common fallacy regarding Organic food is that it is not sprayed with pesticides. There are a variety of chemical sprays that are approved in the Organic standard. Rotenone is among the approved Organic sprays. Research has discovered Rotenone to be highly dangerous. A label does not necessarily ensure safer food. What ensures safer food are safe farming practices.

What we are finding at La Nay Ferme is that plants do not need to be sprayed with any substance if the soil is healthy. When we do have bugs on our plants we realize that the soil is weak. Our process is to pull out the infested plants and rebuild the health of the soil before replanting a new plant family. With this simple process we believe we are strengthen our soil and growing safe food for our patrons.

What we believe will make food safer to eat is building farms based on sustainable farming practices, not a label.

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The Organic Food Question

The Organic Food Question
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I am often questioned if our food is Organic. My direct answer is no. I don’t know all the details of Organic or the Organic label. But I do know that the Organic Certification is approved by the USDA. And after 3 years of farming I have decided that there are other things that are more important than a Government approved label.

What is more important to me than the Organic label? The top of my list is to create a farm with extremely healthy soil. Also more important is eating produce that has not lost its nutritional value. I would even add not eating produce that is grown by a factory farm subsidized by my tax dollars.

La Nay Ferme was created out of a passion and love for quality, safe, clean, healthy produce. I believe the American people are being oversold on Organic and missing other very important factors in the value of their food. I suggest that if you care about eating healthy produce, than connect yourself with a local farmer and reconsider putting faith in a label.

This is your invitation to connect with a farm that is growing produce following sustainable practices.