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Juicing and Green Smoothies

juicing green smoothies
Spring shares are perfect for juicing and smoothies

Our shares are ideal for those that enjoy juicing and green smoothies. Our shares are full with bags of Chard, Kale, Parsley and Spinach. Our greens are high in nutrients and safe to eat.

Why are they high in nutrients? Because our produce is not harvested and put in the cooler for weeks losing valuable nutrients. Instead, we harvest your produce the morning you receive your share. Those most valuable nutrients will not be lost when you are drinking our produce.

Why are they safe to eat? Because our produce is not sprayed with toxic poisons. We grow our produce by following simple and sustainable practices. These practices ensure that our produce is clean from harmful substances.

Juicing and green smoothie fans are generally focused on improving their health. This is why La Nay Ferme shares are ideal for fans of juicing and green smoothies. Don’t waste your money on greens low in nutrients. Instead, experience drinking greens high in nutrients and safe to eat.

In the Spring, consider purchasing a full share. During Summer and Autumn, consider purchasing our greens share. If you are into juicing or green smoothies, discover for yourself what it means to enjoy truly farm fresh produce.

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