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Bitcoin, DASH & Venmo

2016 Week 29 full share
Pay with Bitcoin, DASH or Venmo

Every time a patron purchases our produce with a credit card, La Nay Ferme loses almost 3% of the transaction. 3% in fees is a huge amount for a small farm. When the fees are added up at the end of each season, its enough for us to pay for a year worth of compost & seeds, all of our supplies, etc…

Eliminating fees
A prudent business practice for our farm is to find a way to minimize our credit card fees. We know that credit card companies entice consumers with reward points. So, in an effort to reduce our fees we offer you a reward to use an alternative payment method.

Purchase With Bitcoin, DASH Or Venmo
We offer all patrons an immediate reward if you purchase our produce with either Bitcoin, DASH or Venmo. All methods are very convenient, easy and will help us reduce the fees we pay to credit card companies.

Our Bitcoin address: 1Bda3A23TFD7VVFgurS6K67bZBWgNgudNG
Our DASH address: XpWDThErjHJ26QbkonKzTBqhGHQx6SRENU
Venmo: La Nay Ferme

Food Rewards
Our reward to patrons is extra produce. We will give you more then the value of what we would pay in credit card fees. This offer would in turn reward you and our small farm.

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Why I started La Nay Ferme, reason #5

Six years ago I decided that I was going to become a producer. I had read that 72% of Americans were consumers only. Being a producer or consumer was never a part of my thought process, but this statistic made me think that it would be wise to become a producer. At the time I was not exactly sure what I was going to produce, but free market economics helped with my decision.

The over stated but misunderstood theory of supply and demand drove my “what to produce” decision. Without going into my entire economic thought process, let me give you a few of my key thoughts:

  • The worlds population is approaching 7 billion.
  • I know many people that are lawyers and dentists, but not a single farmer.
  • The average age of the American farmer is 57.

There is going to be a food problem sometime, and I have a hunch that I may be employing lawyers and dentists in the near future.

It’s safe for me now to say that I am a producer as well as a consumer. Becoming a producer rather than just a consumer is definitely another reason why I started La Nay Ferme.

Why I started La Nay Ferme, reason #4

I have become so sensitive to the taste of real food that I can no longer eat processed foods. This is not hyperbole! I am serious. Weekend trips to Park City with friends means I plan ahead and bring my own food. It also means that I don’t eat with friends celebrating their birthday at Cheesecake factory.

Last summer when I went to Baltimore to see my favorite baseball team play, I showed up to the stadium extremely hungry. I planned poorly and was at the game with no choices to eat real food. My only options were a pretzel or buttered popcorn. I chose poorly. I picked the pretzel.

I took two bites and could not eat anymore. I was astonished by its taste: terrible. It was not food. I was positive. I decided to stay hungry until our dinner after the game.

Shortly after this experience I realized that my food storage is all processed foods and freeze dry packs. I became really worried about what would happen to me if I actually had to eat that food. The fear of eating processed food storage is another reason for starting La Nay Ferme.

Why I started La Nay Ferme, reason #3

In a previous post, I mentioned that I do not eat at chain restaurants. I am serious about this statement. When my friends went to Cheesecake Factory last week, I went to dinner by myself at a new restaurant on Center street called Sora. I had a great time. I made a new friend: the owner. I wonder if my friends met the owner of Cheesecake Factory.

Utah is like many other States; commercialized eateries are everywhere. They are everywhere because most Utah residents love these restaurants. Sometimes I wonder why? The food at these eateries are not that good. I think those with taste buds that taste only sugar and salt would disagree.

I love eating at a restaurant where I can actually get to know the owner. Every time someone eats at Pantrucas, the owners are making you your meal. If you come often enough, they will probably start treating you like family.

When Mountain West Burrito exploded on the eatery scene, so many of our neighbors connected with the quality food being served. They also connected with Joe. He was the face of this counter-top-service eatery and people loved being able to say how much they liked him.

One of my hopes is to promote the restaurants in Utah County I love. The restaurants that I am promoting, partnering with and hoping to bring some awareness to are Pantrucas, Sora, Spark, Communal, Guru’s and Pizzeria 712.

I also plan on providing some of these local unique restaurants some high quality local produce.

Why I started La Nay Ferme, reason #2

I thoroughly enjoy unique eateries and will not eat at chain restaurants. A town or city with authentic restaurants and mom-and-pop eateries contributes to the local culture. Commercial restaurants help in creating a cookie cutter culture that permeates across the United States. It’s hard to see a difference in a town you visit when its businesses are just like the ones where you live.

Unique culture is something Utah Valley severely lacks. Since there is no other farm in Provo that is growing year-round seasonal food and selling directly to locals, I believe La Nay Ferme brings something truly unique to this town. This farm will focus on creating its own culture which will be quality, beauty and service.

It would be a mighty task to change the culture of Utah Valley. Changing Utah Valley culture is not my goal. Rather, it is my hope that La Nay Ferme can help in adding culture to this town. So, another reason for starting La Nay Ferme is to bring something I love to this town, culture.

Why I started La Nay Ferme, reason #1

Since starting the farm last July, the most common question I am asked is why I started La Nay Ferme. It is a very difficult question to answer in a quick sound bite or fleeting conversation so I believe it is appropriate to answer this question with more detail and after more in-depth thought. Let me begin with reason #1.

I love food! And when I say food, I mean real food that is fresh and nutritious. Real food is cut from a plant and plucked from a tree, bush or vine. Real food is prepared, not processed. Real food is also grown with care.

Eating real food is nice but if it’s not fresh, the taste suffers. The sooner real food is eaten after it has been harvested, the better it tastes. From personal experience, I have found that taste is correlated with both fresh and nutritious foods. Somehow fresh has been redefined. Today “fresh food” is grossly over used and merely a platitude. To me, fresh means it is on my plate and ready to eat soon after it was harvested.

Nutritious food is a critical part in the process of enjoying food, but I won’t share my thoughts on nutrition with you now.

Real, fresh and nutritious food is hard to find in our pretty Utah valley, but I now know where I can get a fresh fruit or vegetable salad that is highly nutritious and grown with care. Having a farm solves my problem of living in our over processed culture.