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Quality as a Culture

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Culture is a part of all of our lives whether we realize it or not. We have family, religious and even our national cultures that influence our interests and choices. One part of our culture that we would hope to persuade people to change is the “cheap” culture. We believe our “cheap” culture is affecting our lives in a negative way.

In so many instances we reflexively ask if something is “cheap” but rarely is there an emphasis on quality. Why do we care more if something is cheap rather than quality? Has anyone ever considered that the culture of cheap is dragging us down and costing us more over time?

We are hoping to convince people to shift their individual choices towards something quality. And perhaps we can start by accepting and buying quality produce. By increasing quality vegetables in our diet, we would actually be paying less for sick care. This is one way that the culture of quality would improve our lives.

We invite everyone to help build a culture of quality and no longer support the cheap culture movement.

Quality Produce

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One common remark we hear is that our produce is expensive. We ask, compared to what? Can our produce be equally compared to what can be purchased at a grocery store? We have written many times how the Global Food System produces food that lacks quality, nutrients and taste. This is cheap food. It’s cheap because it lacks what would make it valuable. Thus comparing our produce to grocery store food is not an equal comparison.

We do not grow cheap food. We grow quality produce. And to grow quality produce our farm invests valuable time towards safe and sustainable practices. We do not poison our patrons food with dangerous inputs. We increase the organic content of the soil that produces healthier food.

We believe that the price of our food is a function of our commitment to producing a quality product. All of the practices of our farm leads to a more quality product. And a more quality product costs more than one that is cheap.

Join our CSA and enjoy quality produce.

More on Quality

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We have often said that regardless of what happens to the future of La Nay Ferme having a Strawberry garden was worth all of the work and effort. There is nothing like picking ripe Strawberries off the plant and eating them. And the reality with Strawberries; thats the only way to eat them. Once they are ripe they do not last much longer than 24 hours.

Today very few people understand or have experienced the amazing taste of a ripe Strawberry. The Strawberries that can be bought in the grocery store are picked green. Somewhere along the timeline of being picked and put on your grocery store shelf they turn red but still taste like they are green. This is a prime example of what has happened to our produce. The quality and taste has been lost and replaced by a cheap product.

One advantage of being a CSA member is that we give our fresh Strawberries in our Full Share. Join our CSA and enjoy quality produce and a fully ripened Strawberry.

Quality is our Goal

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In general today it seems that people mostly are focused with buying cheap. But is cheap really what people want? Cheap is the opposite of quality. Can we really afford cheap products that we have to purchase over and over again?

Quality produce is what we define as a fruit or vegetable that is harvested the day it is ripe or ready and also grown under safe practices. But the next step is getting wonderful produce to patrons the day of harvest. This is how we define quality.

We believe that its very difficult to find quality produce in Utah. Our experience has lead us to believe most food inside a grocery store lacks quality. Grocery store produce also lacks nutrients and taste. What is the value of your produce if it lacks quality, nutrients and taste?

Consider purchasing quality produce from our Farm Market.

Our Goal


When we started building La Nay Ferme 3 years ago we had very little knowledge of farming. What we had was a passion for quality produce, desire to build something beautiful and hope to provide service. Our goals of quality, beauty and service are the same today and that we focus on accomplishing.

Starting a farm and focusing on growing cheap produce is not something we would be proud to proclaim. Instead, we have created goals with the hope that we can bring together others in our community that value a quality and beautiful product. We also wish to provide service when possible. La Nay Ferme has chosen quality, beauty and service as our goals in hopes to unite, strengthen our culture and connect with others that value these ideals.

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