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How to Increase Support for Small Farmers


The idea to invite our friends, family and neighbors to spend $5.00 of their weekly budget at a small farm has been met with wonderful enthusiasm. Thousands of people around the internet were happy to share the message and pledged to do their part to support small farms.

Many are already supporting small farms weekly and directing $5.00 weekly is an easy pledge. Some enthusiastic comments even proclaimed that spending $5.00 weekly is not enough. Those that currently support buying directly from a small farm are highly appreciated by our countries small farms. The more challenging task will be convincing our friends, families and neighbors to become a doer in this small farm campaign. How do we accomplish this goal?

I believe the most simple and powerful way to increase demand for small farm production is to saturate “small farm” into our sound bite lexicon. When we talk about quality food, please include “small farm” in our conversation. When we share a picture, please include “small farm” in the text. When we write an article, hopefully it’s talks about a specific small farm in our community. This will brand the term “small farm” into the food movement vernacular and increase demand for small farm production.

A small increase in weekly revenue can become significant. If 1000 new buyers come to a farmers market to spend $5 each week, then that $5000 additional weekly revenue will benefit many small farms. Remember, we are only asking for $5.00 in new revenue per household per week.

14 years ago the market for Organic was insignificant but now it’s somewhere over $30 billion yearly. If we can convince our friends, families and neighbors to support a local farm directly, than we can start measuring the revenue for Small Farms that could reach $30 billion quickly. This new revenue would make existing farms profitable and there would be an explosion of new farms.

This can be accomplished with a simple decision made by individuals and families. Who is willing to to be apart of the $5 pledge?


P.S. Please consider joining our Facebook page; I Support Small Farms. The mission of this page is to help strengthen the message to support a small farm.

The Best Way To Support A Small Farm


The most difficult challenge my small farm faces each day is finding customers willing to buy our produce. While there are many challenges facing farmers, additional weekly revenue would be very beneficial.

While the food movement has done a wonderful job and made incredible progress over the past 10 years, I notice that small farms are not uniformly benefiting from the advances. In fact, some of the advances are actually hurting small farms. I suggest that an effort is made to strengthen the small farm community by increasing the demand for small farm food.

I suggest that a campaign is started to invite Americans to spend $5.00 each week buying food directly from a small farm in their community. $5.00 each week would not put a dent in most American food budgets. But the $5.00 increase to small farms from community families would ensure that existing local farmers sell their supply of food.

$5.00 each week could be just a bag of Arugula or a bundle of Beets. It would represent new and returning customers. These customers would increase demand for local food and would immediately help the food movement explode. This campaign would create a need for new farms. And it would go a long way to increasing the revenue of existing small farms that is needed in each community.

Who is ready to make a $5 pledge and spread a simple idea that would strengthen small American farms?