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Goodbye Squash


One way to know that Summer has ended is looking at a Summer Squash plant. As soon as the weather changes this plant stops producing edible rinds. Although the weather during the day is still comfortably warm, the cool air during the night is a signal to the plant that Fall is nigh.

At our farm the Squash have always been the first Summer plant to stop producing. So once again these Summer Cucurbita are our first Summer vegetable that we sadly say, “Goodbye”. This week will be the last time we will have tender and edible Squash in our Full Share. We look forward to enjoying them again next Summer.

Join our CSA today and still enjoy our other Summer vegetables while they are still in season.

Budding Brussels Sprouts


Last year we made an attempt at growing Brussels Sprouts for our CSA members. Our timing was off and we planted these brassica cultivars about 30 days late. The Brussels Sprouts did not grow enough when the Fall weather arrived and thus never produced any edible buds.

This year we are attempting again to grow this Fall season cruciferous. We believe they are growing well and the buds have even started to form. We are looking forward to when they will be harvested. CSA members can also look forward to receiving these wonderful little cabbage look-alikes in their Full share.

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Using Silage Tarps


This season we have made many changes at the farm. Just like any organization or business, we are trying to improve and become more efficient. Becoming more efficient is necessary to compete with a globalized food system that profits from Government subsidies. One of our changes has brought us increased efficiency and also healthier soil.

We have implemented the process covering crops with a silage tarp that have come to the end of their harvesting cycle. We cover the plants for 2-4 weeks but 4 weeks is the ideal length. All of the plants die including weeds. At the same time earthworms and other beneficial life arrive to help improve the soil.

Improving our soil is our top priority and the benefits of this priority is for those that eat our produce. Join our CSA to enjoy safe and clean food.

Spinach Growing Woes


Spinach has become one of our most popular plants and the reasons are very obvious. Just compare our Spinach to any type sold in the grocery store. Our Spinach has taste and even children will eat them like potato chips.

Because Spinach is a cool weather plant those that do not have a way to protect a sprouted seed from the Sun are unable to grow them in Utah. Another important factor in growing Spinach in Utah is having bolt resistance seeds. We ran out of these seeds and have not been able to grow Spinach for the past 2 months. This has obviously been a situation that taught us a valuable lesson.

The good news is that our bolt resistance Spinach seeds arrive this week and will soon be available. Get local Spinach in your Fall CSA share.

Growing Onions

LaNayFerme_081414_stephenson-104 copy

Each season we have made progress with growing a new plant. Last year we really improved our ability to grow Spinach. This season we have improved our processes for growing Parsley and Cilantro. There are several plants we are still learning to grow.

This Summer we have successfully added Bunching Onions to our list. We hope to consistently have these Onion varieties in White and Purple. Bunching Onions have been in our Full Share as part of our Specialty Bag the last couple weeks. Our CSA members will enjoy truly fresh Onions for a couple more weeks forward.

Join our CSA today to enjoy produce harvested the day of your pickup and wonder no more how long your Onions have been sitting on a shelf.

Beets, Carrots and Radish

LaNayFerme_081414_stephenson-118 copy

It’s hard to believe that Summer is coming to an end and that school season is just a couple weeks away. We still have a bright memory of the freezing Spring early mornings. The warmer weather brought us a variety of Summer plants and warmer hands. As Fall begins we will still have Summer vegetables and also plenty of root vegetables.

We do our best to grow Beets, Carrots and Radishes in the Spring and again in the Fall. We anticipate a large harvest of root vegetables starting at the beginning of September. CSA members can look forward the Summer vegetables until the weather turns cold and also Beets, Carrots and Radishes starting next month.

Now is the best time of the year to purchase a Full share.

Comments from Members

LaNayFerme_070314_stephenson-112 copy

We receive a variety of comments weekly for many different reasons. Most of the comments are positive words regarding the taste of our produce. These polite words of praise surely make farming life very enjoyable.

This week we have been delighted to receive praised of our produce from several happy members. One member tells us how in the past her husband has not liked Cucumbers but he loves the taste of ours. We also received a note from a member telling us how her daughter eats our Cucumbers like a candy bar. All comments are welcome and we definitely enjoy hearing how much our members are enjoying their top quality, healthy and tasty produce.

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Green Manure


One of our largest farm investments has been increasing the mineral and nutrient content of our soil. Last season we planted a large area of Buckwheat that we tilled back into the soil. Tilling Buckwheat back into the soil is a process known as nitrogen fixing. It is also known as producing green manure.

Green manure is an expensive process as it takes time away from growing and harvesting cash crops. Rather than exploiting our soil for more revenue we have decided to always give back to the soil more than we take. In return we will have higher mineral and nutrient content in our soil which helps produce more quality food. Green manure is also a sustainable farming practice.

This season we have already planted a new large area of Buckwheat. We are currently preparing two other large areas. In these new areas we will plant a Winter Rye which will help suppress weeds, reduce erosion, increase organic matter and natural nitrogen.

We are committed to sustainable farming practices that will produce quality food for our patrons. Join our CSA today to enjoy vegetables with more nutrients.

Fall Brassicas


We are enjoying a beautiful harvest of Summer vegetables. Our Tomatoes and Cucumbers are healthy. We have 5 different types of Summer Squash. We have Green and Purple Basil. This year we also have medicinal herb flowers and wildflowers. Summer on a farm is truly an enjoyable time.

While it’s wonderful to have such a large Summer harvest, a farm must always be planning ahead. As August approaches we hope to finish planting the last of our Fall Brassica plants. Our Brussels Sprouts are already 1 feet high. Some of our Cabbage, Cauliflower and Broccoli have taken root in freshly composted soil. We are now starting to increase the number of our Fall Greens gardens.

Join our CSA today to enjoy summer vegetables before their season has past.

The Power of High Tunnels


At the time we first started designing and prepping our soil, we still had not decided on which greenhouse structures we would build. After research we decided on high tunnels that are 7 feet high in the center and 12 feet wide. These structures provide us with several advantages.

When the weather is cold the high tunnels are covered with clear plastics that help extend the growing season. We have proven that we can grow seasonal produce over 9 months with this technique. During the colder weather our greens thrive in this environment. During the summer our greens are still able to grow well with the sun blockers covering the high tunnel. These sun blockers can lower the temperature inside the high tunnel 25 degrees.

When planning our vegetables that grow vines, we make sure we plant Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Winter Squash and Peas in the middle row. The crossbar that connects our bent pipes provides the support needed to hang our Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Winter squash. The middle row also provides the vertical space needed to trellis our Peas that grow almost 7 feet high.

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