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Provo Orem CSA Share Delivery

Provo Orem CSA Share Delivery
Provo Orem CSA Share Delivery

Creating a CSA that is flexible and convenient continues to be one of key focuses. We know patrons want flexibility and convenience when buying produce. This is one reason we have created a Bag Swap for our CSA members and created our farm market.

Our Provo Orem CSA share delivery service will be free to patrons who purchase shares through our share delivery form. Share deliveries are currently on Wednesday’s between 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm and we only deliver to Provo and Orem residences. We hope to expand this service to other cities in Utah Valley.

We require that patrons keep at minimum a 16 quart cooler clearly visible on your property. We will drop-off your share into your cooler. We highly recommend leaving an ice pack in your cooler so that your food does not spoil.

We invite you to support your local agricultural system by purchasing produce from La Nay Ferme. We are dedicated to growing safe to eat and clean from toxic sprays.

Have Your Share Delivered


Creating a CSA that is very convenient is a priority for La Nay Ferme. This is one reason we have created a Bag Swap for our CSA members. Today we are offering another option that makes our CSA very convenient.

A delivery company found us recently and is offering La Nay Ferme customers a delivery service. They will come to our farm, pick-up your share or Farm Market order and deliver to your door. If you are in the following locations your produce can be delivered.

$3 – Delivery to Provo, Orem, Vineyard and Lindon
$4 – Delivery to Pleasant Grove
$5 – Delivery to American Fork and Highland (South of 11000 N)

All you need to do is contact Milton’s Delivery and they will pick-up your produce from our farm.

Milton’s Delivery

Renewing with Venmo


If there is one thing that a majority of Americans can unify over its our love for convenience. We are trying to do anything possible to make our CSA convenient for our members and new customers. Our bag swap option is something very unique to a CSA and offers convenience to those that purchase a share.

This year we have been experimenting with how members renew their share with a payment system named Venmo. Venmo is a very simple to use and convenient for anyone with a smart phone or internet access. All members need to do is open an account with Venmo, link your Bank Account, Credit or Debit Card to your account and then you are ready to send a payment.

If you want to simplify how you pay for your renewing your share, please email us the next time you are ready to renew.