Bitcoin, DASH & Venmo

Bitcoin, DASH & Venmo

2016 Week 29 full share
Pay with Bitcoin, DASH or Venmo

Every time a patron purchases our produce with a credit card, La Nay Ferme loses almost 3% of the transaction. 3% in fees is a huge amount for a small farm. When the fees are added up at the end of each season, its enough for us to pay for a year worth of compost & seeds, all of our supplies, etc…

Eliminating fees
A prudent business practice for our farm is to find a way to minimize our credit card fees. We know that credit card companies entice consumers with reward points. So, in an effort to reduce our fees we offer you a reward to use an alternative payment method.

Purchase With Bitcoin, DASH Or Venmo
We offer all patrons an immediate reward if you purchase our produce with either Bitcoin, DASH or Venmo. All methods are very convenient, easy and will help us reduce the fees we pay to credit card companies.

Our Bitcoin address: 1Bda3A23TFD7VVFgurS6K67bZBWgNgudNG
Our DASH address: XpWDThErjHJ26QbkonKzTBqhGHQx6SRENU
Venmo: La Nay Ferme

Food Rewards
Our reward to patrons is extra produce. We will give you more then the value of what we would pay in credit card fees. This offer would in turn reward you and our small farm.

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