5 Recipes to Make with Your Share

5 Recipes to Make with Your Share


By Becky with Project Domestication

Each week I have a goal with my La Nay Ferme share: to finish the entire share the day before my next pickup. It’s simple, and it may sound silly, but it’s true. This means I’m getting lots of nutrients from real, whole and local food, and that I’m not wasting it. I spend good money on that share, and seeing this goal through means I don’t let any moolah go to waste. Sure I could blend up my greens into some mean, great green smoothies, and I often do, but what I really enjoy is trying new stomach-sticking recipes that use the fresh, delicious produce I get from La Nay Ferme.

Here are five recipes that I’ve personally made (and in a few cases developed) that will help you use up your La Nay Ferme produce. Give them a look and if you make them, leave a comment letting us know. Have a healthy, green and fun week in the kitchen!

1. Baked Red Lentil Falafel Salad from The Kitchn
This recipe brings the taste of Israel right to your Utah table. The Kitchn puts a healthy twist on traditional fried chickpea falafel balls by using red lentils and baking them in the oven.
La Nay Ferme produce to use: kale and cilantro.

2. Spinach & Sausage Gravy over Multi-Grain Toast from Project Domestication
Perfect if you’ve got a hankering for comfort food, but still want to get in your greens.
La Nay Ferme produce used: spinach (you could also add thyme)

3. Creamy Avocado Pasta from Two Peas and Their Pod
Get ready, because this recipe will become a regular at your house. It’s so easy and flavorful.
La Nay Ferme produce to use: cilantro

4. Arugula-Cashew Pesto Polenta & Fried Egg Breakfast Bowls from Project Domestication
Enjoy the spicy bite of arugula greens mixed with comforting polenta. Makes a special weekend breakfast.
La Nay Ferme produce used: arugula

5. Roasted Grapes with Cashews, Quinoa and Thyme over Mixed Greens from Project Domestication
A filling and hearty whole-food salad. Double the roasting mixture and enjoy over mixed greens all week long.
La Nay Ferme produce used: mixed greens and thyme

Becky is a Utah native and proud of it. She authors the blog, Project Domestication, which chronicles her journey in baking, cooking and all things domestic.  Becky loves using high­-quality, local ingredients, especially if it means learning something new and enjoying a special treat with those she loves. Becky has been a La Nay Ferme share member since its inception.