Provo Farmers Market


Provo Farmers Market

Our Provo Farmers Market provides patrons with the highest quality produce. We promise to give you same day harvested produce. No other farmers market provides this promise in Utah! Without this promise your produce is losing valuable nutrients.

We specialize in growing seasonal raw leafy greens, herbs and vegetables. Our farm practices are sustainable and we use non-GMO certified seeds. Our produce is safe and clean from toxic sprays. Our global food system continues to provide families with unsafe produce and low in nutrients and quality. We invite you to stop supporting a system that hurts your family and support a small local farm serving Provo and Orem families.

We have created a very simple farm market. All orders are made in advanced via our website. Patrons will select which week-day to come to our farm to picked-up your order. When you arrive at our farm, you will sign the form signifying that you picked up your order. When you arrive at the farm, open our cooler, find your food and you are on your way home. There are no lines since you have pre-paid.

We communicate weekly to the community through our newsletter and blog posts. Our farm will provide you with recipes that help give you ideas on how to enjoy your farm fresh produce.

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