Delivering To Highland And Springville

Two seasons ago, we started delivering our shares to Orem and Provo. We quickly added Vineyard to our delivery route and then include homes in Lindon. Last season we extended deliveries to Pleasant Grove.

This season we are adding Springville and Highland homes to our delivery route. If you live in any of these cities, we will deliver our shares to your home.

There is no extra cost to have your share dropped off at your home. All you need is do to accept which day we deliver your share to your home.

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Our 2017 Promotion

La Nay Ferme Kale
La Nay Ferme Kale

Each season we offer a promotion for those that Join our CSA during February. Anyone that joins for 12 or 24 weeks by February 28th will receive an extra 1 or 2 week(s) of produce respectively. This promotion applies to each of our shares (full, half or greens).

This past week we started prepping and planting new gardens. Early sign-ups are critical for our small farm as the early revenue pays for labor, seeds and other investments needed to prepare for the upcoming season.

We anticipate that our CSA will start delivering shares sometime in March. There is no extra charge when signing up for our delivery service.

We invite you to Join our CSA this season and learn for yourself what it’s like to eat truly fresh and safe to eat produce.