July Dinner on our Farm

Outstanding in the Field La Na Ferme Farm dinner

On July 25th a wonderful company with a wonderful mission will be in Provo. La Nay Ferme will be their host as they provide a very unique experience for Utahans. The experience will be reconnecting to our land and origin of our food. This meal will feature our high quality summer produce along with other local food. The entire meal will be prepared and cooked at our farm.

Attendees will enjoy an incredible meal by one of Utah’s best chefs. Sam Oteo blessed Utah County with his talent while Tortilla Bar was serving fusion tacos. He will be the chef for this culinary meal. All other information about this dinner is found on the Outstanding in the Field event page. To experience this “roving culinary experience”, buy your tickets which go on sale March 20th.

Changes to Our Half Share


This season we are adding the option for CSA members to fully customize their half share around our 5 bags of greens. We will now allow half share CSA members to choose the bags of greens they receive each week in their half share. Please share this news with your friends and family as we believe many people will be interested in this new option.

There are many different possibilities of what you could receive in your half share and we have tried to list your choices in this blog post image. If you are interested in our half share and customizing what you receive weekly, please let us know when signing up. By default, our half share is mixed greens and spinach.

Become a member today to enjoy a half share weekly.