Provo Orem CSA Share Delivery

Provo Orem CSA Share Delivery
Provo Orem CSA Share Delivery

Creating a CSA that is flexible and convenient continues to be one of key focuses. We know patrons want flexibility and convenience when buying produce. This is one reason we have created a Bag Swap for our CSA members and created our farm market.

Our Provo Orem CSA share delivery service will be free to patrons who purchase shares through our share delivery form. Share deliveries are currently on Wednesday’s between 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm and we only deliver to Provo and Orem residences. We hope to expand this service to other cities in Utah Valley.

We require that patrons keep at minimum a 16 quart cooler clearly visible on your property. We will drop-off your share into your cooler. We highly recommend leaving an ice pack in your cooler so that your food does not spoil.

We invite you to support your local agricultural system by purchasing produce from La Nay Ferme. We are dedicated to growing safe to eat and clean from toxic sprays.

We Use Certified Non-GMO Seeds


At La Nay Ferme, we are very serious about growing produce that is safe to eat and clean from toxic sprays. We are focused on improving the life and health of our soil so that our patrons can receive the highest quality produce we can possible produce.

We have been buying our seeds from High Mowing Organic Seed company (HWOS) since opening our farm. HWOS is the only non-GMO certified seed company that we have found and have been apart of The Safe Seed Pledge since 1999. We buy 99% of our seeds from HWOS. Only when they are out of stock when we need a certain seed will we purchase from another trusted seed company.

We invite you to join our CSA and support our small CSA farm in Utah County, Provo.

Organic Education


The organic standard was created around the ideas of preserving the life in the soil. But it appears to have morphed into a debate over what sprays farmers can use. What sprays we can not use. What substances can be added to the processed and packaged organic foods, etc… The most unfortunate part of the organic standard is that it is determined and approved by a board of bureaucrats.

The basic concept of the organic standard has changed and thus educating people about its origin is proper. Any organic farm that is destroying the life in their soil with their farming practices is not really an organic farm. The most simple factor in determining if produce is safe to eat is to understand a farms growing practices. A label on food that says organic most likely does not mean what people think it means.

Let us remember that organic farming should mimic nature by preserving life. We have written about our farming practices and invite you to learn more.