1 Week Share Delivery

1 Week Share Delivery

1 Week Share Delivery
1 Week Share Delivery

Each week we look over our growing plants and bundle together what we call a full share. This full share is a combination of 5-8 plants. We sell this full share of local produce directly to you. We will also deliver this full share to your home (if you live in Lindon, Orem or Provo).

We also have a half share which is exactly half the quantity and price of the full share.

Steps to have your 1 week share delivered
1. Visit this link
2. Select the option to have your share delivered
3. Complete the transaction
4. Go to this link and provide us with your address
5. We will email you with your delivery day

Purchase a 1 week share delivery

There is no extra charge for our delivery service.
If you have previously purchased a 1 week share and provided us with your address, then we already have your address and have already assigned to you your delivery day. Please email us if you have forgotten your delivery day.
Purchase on a Monday to guarantee that your share is delivered during the current week.
You must have a 16-20 quart cooler placed visibly on your property in order for us to drop off your share.
We only deliver to Lindon, Orem or Provo addresses.